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Straight Talk:
"In today's construction industry, there seems to be a stigma attached to a contractor/construction manager who uses his own work force to accomplish any portion of a construction project.  We live in the age of "briefcase contractors," to whom trowels, miter saws, routers and planers are merely words encountered in crossword puzzles, rather than tools of the trade.  Dirty hands and muddy boots belong to the employees of the firms they hire to do the jobs, not the contractors themselves or their own employees.  I find this approach to construction utterly incomprehensible."

     "If a person breaks a bone, he does not go to a doctor who then hires another doctor to set the bone.  The first doctor he sees will give him proper care.  Likewise, when a person needs a building built, it only makes sense to consult a contractor who has the knowledge, experience and ability to perform the job himself, rather than one who will simply hire someone else to do the work."

    "Patock Construction Company is such a firm.  Our office staff includes architects, engineers, estimators and project managers who are well educated in their chosen fields and most of whom hold advanced or secondary college degrees.  Our field staff includes construction superintendents, carpenters, equipment operators, laborers, masons, concrete finishers and ironworkers.  They are also well educated in their chosen fields, and highly qualified in every aspect of their trades.  These two professional staffs interact to such an extent that we can understand, control and schedule our project in a far better fashion than our competition.  We also assume full responsibility for our product, as we have no one else to blame for a failure at any level."

    "If building in this manner is old-fashioned or archaic, or if the new generation of contractors looks down on our system, so be it.  We don't intend to change the formula for success quite yet."

Frank J. " Jay" Patock, Jr.

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